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Online safety & security

Protecting your information is important to us. That's why we:
  • Use multiple types of verification to confirm your identity before giving you access to your online accounts
  • Ask you to register the devices you use to access your online accounts
  • Use an https protocol, which encrypts information passed between the server (where your information is stored) and your browser (where your information is accessed)
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Privacy statements by product

Why do some of our privacy notices look different? We're in the process of adopting a simplified format. In the meantime, some of our products have their own privacy statements.

Nationwide retains and uses your information as required or permitted by law, even if you do not become a member.

The Nationwide family of companies may share member information with each other or nonaffiliated third parties for marketing purposes, unless prohibited by law. Please contact Nationwide at 1-866-280-1809 at any time to opt-out of such sharing practices.