Permanent Life Insurance

Why You Should Consider Permanent Life Insurance

  • Tax-free death benefits

    The beneficiary of a permanent life policy receives a guaranteed death benefit when the policyholder passes away. In most cases, it's tax free.

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  • Build cash value

    A permanent life insurance policy can build “cash value” that policyholders can withdraw during their lifetime.

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  • Provide financial stability

    If your spouse or children depend on your income, permanent life insurance can provide financial support when you’re gone.

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  • Focus on the long term

    Permanent life insurance is intended to last a lifetime. The premium generally stays the same and you get peace of mind knowing that family is taken care of even if the breadwinner passes away.

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  • Safeguard your inheritance

    Those wanting to leave their heirs an inheritance can use permanent life insurance to pass down money to the next generation.

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  • Insurance is guaranteed for life

    Once your policy is active, and if you pay your required premiums on time, the insurance policy will remain in force for your lifetime.

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  • Reap rewards

    Some permanent life insurance options pay the owner dividends, which can be taken as cash, applied to your premium, saved to gather interest or used to buy more insurance.

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  • Safe investment option

    Many permanent life insurance policies offer a guaranteed interest rate on the “cash value” that builds up.

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  • Affordable premiums

    Buying permanent life insurance when you’re young offers affordable premiums that can stay with you throughout your lifetime.

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  • Hassle-free application

    Of course, permanent isn’t the only type of life insurance coverage available. Learn more about the other types of life insurance and how to pick which policy is right for you.

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