Nationwide YourLife® Survivorship VUL
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Variable Universal Life Insurance From Nationwide

Are you in the market for life insurance that covers two lives instead of one? Survivorship life insurance is designed to pay a death benefit when the second insured person passes away. Nationwide YourLife Survivorship VUL can help you ensure your family or business legacy while giving you access to your policy's value1 while you're alive.

It's designed to help you protect your family with insurance and customizable death benefit guarantees (usually for an additional charge), plus give you access to professionally managed investment options to help you grow your policy's cash value at the same time, subject to market risk.


Nationwide YourLife Survivorship VUL also offers strategies for:

  • Income replacement and family protection
  • Estate planning
  • Customizable death benefit with minimum requirements
  • Potential to grow cash value
  • Business continuation
  • Access to cash value
  • Insuring the uninsurable

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