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I’m a small business owner looking for life insurance protection

business life insurance

If you own your own business, you won't get life insurance through your employer unless you seek it out and buy it yourself. Life insurance can help ensure the continuation of your business when you are gone.

If you have a business partner, consider a buy/sell agreement. In this arrangement, you and your partner will own policies covering each other's lives. If the first business partner passes away, the other receives a death benefit that can be used to buy the remaining half of the business. This results in a cash payment to your family as well as security for your business.

Find out more about buy/sell agreements.

Another thing to keep in mind is retaining your most important employees. Key person insurance is used to attract and retain the top talent to your business. Learn more about key person insurance.

Talk to your life insurance professional about how to protect your company with small business life insurance.

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