Long-term care rider
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Long-term care coverage for two people on one policy

The Nationwide YourLife® No-Lapse Guarantee SUL II Long-term Care Rider is an affordable way for you to have life insurance protection and long-term care coverage for two people on one policy.

Once eligibility requirements are met, the monthly cash benefits can be used any way you see fit.

If not all of the long-term care benefit is used, any remaining death benefit can be left to family members or to charity.

Long-term care for adult child and parent

Adult child. Aging parent. Double dilemma.

Long-term care is one of the more daunting issues adults with aging parents have to deal with. Look at two scenarios where a Nationwide long-term rider may help:

Long-term care for spouses

Provide funds to help with the heavy lifting of caring for a spouse.

Planning for potential long-term care expenses and helping to ensure a legacy for your children becomes increasingly important as you get older. Read a typical scenario for caring for a spouse.

Long-term care for partners

Help ensure that you and your domestic partner have prepared for long-term care expenses.

Learn about a couple who didn’t want their long-term care needs to have an impact on each other or their families. Read a scenario for caring for a domestic partner.

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