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Accumulation and protection

As life expectancies increase and the responsibility for funding retirement shifts to the individual1, preparing for retirement is more important than ever.

Longer life expectancies

We're living longer, so chances are good we'll also spend more time in retirement. It's important to think about how to fund those extra years.

95th birthday

A shift in responsibility

Pensions used to be a reliable source of retirement income, but the burden of funding retirement has overwhelmingly shifted to the individual.

sources of retirement income

Common influences on retirement investment decisions

Fears about the stock market and general financial stability are common. As a result, many people have been keeping their money in cash vehicles, like savings accounts, while they look for investments with guarantees.

fear of financial crisis

Nationwide Peak® may be the right product for you

While the approach of more traditional fixed investments might feel comfortable in the short term, you risk paying for it in the long term when your retirement savings aren't keeping up with inflation. That's where Nationwide Peak may help. It offers principal protection and growth potential to assist you in planning for tomorrow.

Nationwide Peak is a single-purchase-payment deferred fixed indexed annuity with features that help protect your money as you accumulate retirement savings. With Nationwide Peak you can expect:

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