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Abandoned Property and Escheatment

In the U.S., each state has laws to define when property is considered officially abandoned. Time periods range from 3 to 5 years. Escheatment is the process of turning over financial assets that are considered lost or abandoned property to a state authority.

By law, mutual funds companies are required to make annual reports to state governments listing inactive accounts. Please refer to your state's treasury website for the time period specific to your state.

Action Required

If you received an abandoned property notice from Nationwide Funds, you’ll need to establish contact with us in one of these ways:

Establish contact online

Web access: Log into your account and follow the instructions for creating online access to your account.

Telephone: Call our 24-hour automated line at (800) 848-0920 and select Option 1, prompt 2, then prompt 5 and follow the instructions for making contact.

Mail: Follow the instructions in the letter mailed to you so we can capture and document your response.


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What is lost or abandoned property?

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