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Manage existing accounts

Forms for all accounts

Account Options Form 

Make most account updates including:
   • add or update banking information
   • add or update automatic investment, withdrawal and exchange plans
   • manage how distributions are delivered
   • manage how statements, tax forms and regulatory materials are delivered

Letter of Instruction 

Make specific requests that are not otherwise covered in a form or when a financial institution requires a Nationwide Funds form to provide a certification (such as a signature guarantee)

Limited Power of Attorney 

Designate a limited power of attorney for an account

Name Change Request 

Update account to reflect a new name

Sales Load Waiver Certification 

Request a sales load waiver (please review the prospectus for complete information regarding eligibility)

Payroll Deduction 

Establish a payroll deduction into a Nationwide Funds account

Non-IRA Accounts

Mutual Funds Redemption 

Perform a one-time redemption from a non-IRA account

Transfer on Death Designation Form 

Add a transfer on death beneficiary to a new or existing individual or joint tenant account

Change of Registration 

Make account registration changes to:
   • change account owners and trustees
   • register a (former) minor who has reached the age of majority for an UGMA or UTMA account
   • change custodian(s) for an UGMA or UTMA account
   • gift shares

Survivor Re-registration and Redemption Options Form 

Utilized to change account ownership or make a distribution when the non-IRA account owner(s) are deceased

Certification of Beneficial Owners Form 

Required for establishment of an entity account such as a Corporation, Partnership, or Exempt Organization

Asset Transfer Form 

Liquidate non-retirement assets you currently own with another financial institution and have the proceeds sent to Nationwide to purchase shares of one or more Nationwide mutual funds

IRA accounts

IRA Beneficiary Addition/Change Form 

Add or change IRA beneficiary

IRA Distribution Form 

Perform a one-time redemption or a transaction specific to an IRA account, except a Required Minimum Distribution (separate form)

Required Minimum Distribution 

Perform a one-time or periodic required minimum distribution from an IRA

IRA Transfer 

Transfer assets from an existing retirement account, such as an IRA or 401(k)

Beneficiary Payout Form for IRA Assets 

Utilize to transfer account ownership to a beneficiary or make a distribution, or distributions, in the event an IRA account owner is deceased

CESA Accounts

Coverdell Education Savings Account Distribution 

Perform a one-time redemption or a transaction specific to a Coverdell Education Savings Account

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