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Annuity liquidity options

Add a 4-Year L-Share Liquidity Option or a C-Share Liquidity Option to your annuity and reduce or eliminate your contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC). Just keep in mind that liquidity options may have an additional charge and may not be available in all states or territories, or in combination with other options or features.

A CDSC pays for sales expenses such as commissions, promotions and sales materials. It is deducted from your cash value if you end your contract before the end of your surrender charge period.

Available products

Variable Deferred Annuities

4-Year L-Share Liquidity Option

By adding a 4-Year L-Share Liquidity Option to your annuity, you can cut the number of years a CDSC applies from seven to four. After year four, you have the option to withdraw money with no CDSC.

Completed Years Without the Liquidity Rider With the Liquidity Rider
0 7% charge 7% charge
1 7% charge 7% charge
2 6% charge 6% charge
3 5% charge 5% charge
4 4% charge 0% charge
5 3% charge  
6 2% charge  
7 0% charge  

There is an additional charge of 0.35% for this option.

C-Share Liquidity Option

With the C-Share Liquidity Option rider, you may withdraw annuity assets without CDSC in one of the following ways:

The C-Share option is 0.40%. Please note that distributions made before you turn 59½ may be subject to a 10% early withdrawal federal tax penalty. Ordinary income taxes may also apply. Withdrawals will reduce your death benefit and cash value.

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