Nationwide Lifetime Income Track® Rider

Nationwide Lifetime Income Track® variable annuity rider

One little guarantee may make a big difference. Help make your retirement income last with certain Nationwide variable deferred annuities featuring the Nationwide Lifetime Income Track rider. This optional living benefit is available at an additional cost and must be selected when the contract is issued.

Keep in mind, excess early and non-lifetime withdrawals may reduce or wipe out your income benefit base. Certain restrictions and limitations may apply.

Guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of Nationwide.

Guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit

The guaranteed lifetime withdrawal amount is calculated as a percentage of the income benefit base.1 On each rider anniversary, the income benefit base may either be: 

A Non-Lifetime Withdrawal feature is available after the rider's one-year anniversary and can only be exercised once. The income benefit base will be reduced proportionally. To use this feature, you must be 59½ or older.2

Lifetime withdrawal percentage

The lifetime withdrawal percentage is based on a combination of your age and the rider’s age when you make your first lifetime withdrawal.

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