Insurance-Based Income Solutions
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Help You and Your Key Employees Save More for Retirement With Insurance-Based Income Solutions

When you offer your key employees an insurance-based income solution, you can provide both life insurance protection and the opportunity to accumulate supplemental retirement income.

Employee benefits of Insurance-Based Income Solutions

  • Death benefit guarantees provide basic life insurance protection, and the income tax-free death benefit transfers wealth to beneficiaries
  • No contribution limits1
  • Tax-free income is available via loans and partial withdrawals
  • The employee owns the life insurance policy and possesses all control in regards to accessing cash value, naming a beneficiary and making investment choices

Employer benefits of Insurance-Based Income Solutions

  • There’s no impact on existing qualified plans
  • Can be structured as a group benefit without formal plan requirements
  • Can be structured as a group benefit with no administration or recordkeeping
  • There are no out-of-pocket expenses associated with offering this plan

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Products used to fund insurance-based income solutions

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