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Fixed Annuities From Nationwide

Enjoy three-times the choice with Nationwide Trio Select+. You can allocate your purchase payment into one of the three interest rate periods − for one, three or five years. Your interest rate is then fixed for that period of time. When the rate period ends, your interest rate is adjusted annually.

As a fixed annuity Nationwide Trio Select+ offers an interest rate that won't be affected by stock market ups and downs. You get guaranteed growth and a 100% guarantee of principal. And, since Nationwide Trio Select+ allows you to add additional money, you get more flexibility than a traditional fixed annuity.

Like all fixed annuities, Nationwide Trio Select+ gives you:

About Nationwide Trio Select+


Keep in mind

You could lose money if you take excess withdrawals that may be assessed contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC). You must elect the Protection of Principal option in order for a guarantee of principal if you surrender the policy before it is out of CDSC.

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