Women and Investing

Planning for the unique risks women face in retirement

Women face a few unique retirement challenges:

1. Longevity and retirement income: Even though women outlive men by 5 –8 years1, we tend to plan our retirement income needs under the same circumstances as men.

2. Social Security: Did you know that if you wait until your Full Retirement Age to file for Social Security benefits, you can likely increase your monthly benefit? 78% of married women are filing early2 (many of us filing because our husbands filed), potentially leaving money on the table.

3. Health care and long-term care: Women are the majority of unpaid caregivers, but only 38% of us over age 75 have a spouse to care for us3. We need to plan for our health care expenses and for the possibility we will need extended care at home or elsewhere.

Take a look at the infographic below to see some of the risks women face in planning for retirement -and how you can help plan for them.

The Risks Women Face: View full infographic

A Defining Moment: Entering Retirement

Many of us entering retirement probably wondered how we are going to spend our time and we're likely surprised to find ourselves busier than ever.

Watch this video to see how one woman defined herself in retirement. How will you define yourself?

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