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Riders and Programs for Universal Life Insurance

How can you tailor a life insurance policy to meet your unique needs?

You add something extra to it − like an optional rider or program. Riders and options offer additional coverage and protection on select life products at an additional charge.

Long-term Care rider

This rider lets the policy owner take part of the death benefit to pay for nursing home care and home health care of the insured person, while still leaving at least a partial death benefit to the beneficiaries. The long-term care benefit is paid whenever qualifying conditions and the 90-day waiting period, known as the elimination period, are met. Benefit payments under this rider reduce the policy's death benefit.

If the insured never needs long-term care, the beneficiaries receive the full death benefit as they would with any typical life insurance policy. Read more about the Long-term Care rider.

Accelerated Benefit rider

This rider pays out a portion of the death benefit if the insured person is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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