Enjoy three-times the choice with Nationwide Trio Select+. You can allocate your purchase payment into one of the three interest rate periods − for one, three or five years. Your interest rate is then fixed for that period of time. When the rate period ends, your interest rate is adjusted annually.

As a fixed annuity Nationwide Trio Select+ offers an interest rate that won't be affected by stock market ups and downs. You get guaranteed growth and a 100% guarantee of principal. And, since Nationwide Trio Select+ lets you add additional money, you get more flexibility than a traditional fixed annuity.

Nationwide Trio Select +details

Like all fixed annuities, Nationwide Trio Select+ gives you:

  • Protection against market losses
  • Guaranteed growth
  • A stream of income you can't outlive

Additional interest rates

For both large initial purchase payments or as your contract value increases, your interest rate will increase over the base rate:

  • 0.15%: $25,000 – $99,999
  • 0.25%: $100,000 – $499,999
  • 0.35%: $500,000+

On each contract anniversary, we'll review and may adjust your interest rate based on your contract value. If your contract value is equal to or greater than any of the premium bands listed above, your interest rate will be increased accordingly. If your contract value is less than any of the premium bands due to withdrawals, the additional interest rate will be decreased or removed.

How Nationwide Trio Select can generate income

You have many options to create income based upon your contract value, including:

  • Life annuity: regular payments will be made during your entire life
  • Life annuity with period certain: regular payments will be made for the longer your entire life or a guaranteed period of 10 or 20 years (duration selected by the contract owner); if the annuitant dies during the guaranteed period, the beneficiary will receive the remaining guaranteed payments
  • Joint and survivor annuity: regular payments will be made during your life, plus your surviving spouse’s life

How your death benefit is calculated

The death benefit will be the current contract value at the time of the annuitant's death. The value is determined by adding all interest earned to your purchase payment, minus any previous withdrawals.

How Nationwide Trio Select+ helps your beneficiary

Annuities let you name a beneficiary. If a joint owner or contingent owner is not named on the contract, this feature allows your annuity assets to be paid directly to your beneficiary and may avoid the probate process. It's important to know that assets transferable at death may be subject to taxes and possible CDSC.

Return of Purchase Payment Rider

Guarantees return of principal (minus previous withdrawals and applicable state premium taxes), when your entire contract value is surrendered during the contingent deferred sales charges (CDSC) period. The CDSC will be deducted from the interest earned, not principal. This rider results in a deduction that applies to all declared interest rates and index caps.

Keep in mind that you could lose money if you take excess withdrawals that may be assessed CDSC. You must choose the Protection of Principal option in order for a guarantee of principal if you surrender the policy early.

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Contract/Certificate: ICC12-FACC-0100AOPP, FACC-0100NYPP, ICC12-FARR-0100AO, FARR-0100AO

Oklahoma Contract/Certificate: ICC12-FACC-0100AOPP