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Build a financial protection plan with group term life insurance

Protecting our families and providing support for the people who depend on us may be one of the most important accomplishments of our lives. But funeral expenses, medical bills, taxes and debts can quickly create a financial burden when a family provider is permanently disabled or passes away unexpectedly.

Group term life insurance

Nationwide Employee Benefits® group term life insurance plans can provide peace of mind for family members after the loss of a loved one. Dependents will have the financial support they need to help cover final expenses, support daily financial obligations or assist with a child's education.

Our plans even have additional benefits for beneficiaries. And they may include an option to purchase protection for family members, including domestic partners. Other plan feature options include:

The accelerated death benefit may allow your insured employee to receive a portion of their life insurance benefit if they're faced with a life-threatening illness. And in the event of a sudden loss, the AD&D coverage provides additional benefits to beneficiaries if your insured employee suffers an accidental death. Or additional payment if they suffer a qualified loss as a result of accidental injury.

Term life plan provisions

Term life plans come with terms, conditions and options.

Group term life with AD&D
Coverage available Basic and Voluntary plans available1
Minimum/Maximum life benefit options Basic Life - (2 - 9 employees) $10,000-150,000, up to $500,000 (10+ employees)
Voluntary Life - $10,000 - $750,000
Conversion Included
Waiver of premium Included
Employee Assistance Program Confidential work and personal support services available online and over the phone. Face-to-face counseling may be available if a qualifying event occurs.
Travel assistance When you’re traveling 100+ miles from home, emergency medical assistance and travel services are available 24 hours a day.
AD&D coverage Equal to the benefit amount of the life policy
Additional AD&D benefits Seatbelt, airbag, repatriation and child education
Coma and common carrier for 10+ eligible groups
Accelerated death benefit Up to 50% of benefit amount, to a maximum of $75,000, for 2 - 9 eligible groups
Up to 75% of benefit amount, to a maximum of $250,000, for 10+ eligible groups
Dependent life coverage benefit options Basic Life:
(2 - 9 employees)
Minimum: Spouse: $2,500 / Children $1,250, 
Maximum: Spouse: $10,000 / Children: $5,000

(10+ employees)
Minimum: Spouse: $2,000 / Children: $1,000
Maximum: Spouse: $25,000 / Children: $15,000

(10+ employees) 
Minimum: Spouse: $5,000 / Children: $1,000 
Maximum: Spouse: $250,000 / Children: $15,000
For all case sizes, spouse amount may not exceed 50% of employee amount.

Employer flexibility

As an employer, you'll also enjoy the flexibility our term life insurance plans offer. For instance, you could fund 100% of the plan. Or you could share the cost of the plan with your employees as a way of offering a valuable benefit while watching your budget. Choose what's right for your organization and employees from a variety of plan designs, including:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

A strong Employee Assistance Program promotes better employee productivity and well-being. Included with our group term life with AD&D coverage, EAP services help employees and their household members obtain free and confidential access to extensive work/life resources, including:

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