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Offer hospital insurance as an employee benefit

To help offset the rising costs of traditional health care plans, many employers and employees have resorted to high deductible health plans with lower premiums. This works well for saving money - until an injury or illness suddenly sends someone to the hospital. Unfortunately, many people don't have enough savings on hand to meet that high deductible.

Hospitalization insurance plans from Nationwide Employee Benefits® has an answer for those who might need help covering inpatient hospital bills resulting from serious illness or accidental injuries.

Covering the gap

Our affordable, easy-to-use Hospital Ca$hBack insurance provides the funds employees need to cover those costs within their deductibles, before their insurance benefits kick in. Participants must be employees who are U.S. residents between the ages of 18 and 70.

The benefits of Hospital Ca$hBack

The per diem benefits for hospitalization provided with Hospital Ca$hBack are paid directly to the employee, rather than the health care provider. This way, the employee can use the payment to cover their deductible and any hospital bills, or however else they choose.

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