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Timely Conversation Topics

Make the most of the next meeting with your financial advisor.

Each quarter, the Nationwide Retirement InstituteSM provides information you can use to fuel meaningful discussions with your financial advisor.

These timely conversation topic pieces break down and simplify the current market and economic forces that impact investment portfolio performance. Bringing together the expertise of Nationwide's staff of economists and analysts, this resource includes charts and commentary designed to be part of your planning conversations.

Here is our perspective on the market and economic topics currently influencing investment planning and retirement:

2019 outlook: Growth expected to cool but remain strong 

As momentum stocks start to wane and quality stocks rise to prominence, there still may be opportunities for prudent investors.

Political gridlock can actually be good for stock returns 

Historically, stocks have done well after midterm elections.

Could midterm elections rattle the market? 

It’s normal for volatility to increase as the election nears, but fundamentals and historical trends suggest it won’t last long.

Stock returns: substance or sugar rush? 

Improving fundamentals may fuel a cycle of growth and help keep the current equity rally and economic expansion in motion.

Quality stocks take a bite out of momentum 

Companies with stable earnings and strong balance sheets are poised to potentially outperform market-leading momentum stocks.

Mid-year economic and market review 

The positives are outweighing the negatives, and they may help sustain the expansion and create investment opportunities too.

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