Extra Value Rider

Extra Value annuity rider

This is an optional rider. This option offers additional coverage and protection on select Nationwide annuities and may have a charge.

The Extra Value Rider credits a percentage to your contract during the first 12 months of your policy. This rider is available in 3% and 4% options. For each purchase payment you make in the first year, you'll receive a credit of 3% or 4%, depending on the option you choose.

Be aware that a charge is assessed for the first seven years of the contract. For the 3% option, the charge is 0.40% of the daily net assets. For the 4% option, the charge is 0.55% of the daily net assets.

Once you select the Extra Value rider, it cannot be revoked. Withdrawals made during the seven-year period may result in Nationwide taking back or "recapturing" a portion of your credit. Your breakeven point may vary depending on any withdrawals or additional purchase payments you make after the first contract year. Please consider your needs carefully when evaluating this rider.

You cannot select the Extra Value Rider when assets are to be allocated in the fixed account.

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