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Make saving easy with a Holiday Club account

Turn holiday shopping into a smart savings plan by taking advantage of the Nationwide Holiday Club. This holiday savings account is free to set up and maintain your savings account online. All you need to do is make regular deposits and watch your holiday savings grow.

Holiday Club savings account interest rate

Balance Interest Rate APY*
0.30% 0.30%

APY is effective for accounts opened after and is subject to change. Fees may reduce the earnings on the account.

How our Holiday Club works

Nationwide’s Holiday Club savings account works just like a regular savings account, except that it "matures" every October and is paid out to you in time to do your holiday shopping. Please note that the interest is not compounded and will be credited to your account annually when it is paid out or at the time of closure.

Step 1:  Open your Holiday Club account at any time of year.
Step 2:  Make deposits when you can, or set up Direct Deposit to save a certain amount from every paycheck.
Step 3:  In the middle of October, Nationwide will mail you a check or transfer the money to your Nationwide Bank checking, savings or money market account - whichever you prefer. The account remains open after the annual October payout, so after this time any money you deposit will go for the following year.

Benefits of your Holiday Club account

Nationwide makes it easy to open and grow your holiday savings account:


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