Nationwide YourLife® Protection VUL
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Variable Universal Life Insurance From Nationwide

You want to plan for the future. But where do you start? College education for your kids, your retirement and the possible need for long-term care all compete for your financial attention.

With Nationwide YourLife Protection VUL insurance, you get a flexible life insurance solution to help you meet multiple needs.

What is Nationwide YourLife Protection VUL?

It's variable universal life insurance. YourLife Protection VUL gives you the potential to protect your family and invest for the future at the same time.

VUL is first and foremost a permanent protection product. For example, VUL provides tax-deferred cash value growth potential and income tax-free death benefits. These benefits are paid to beneficiaries and, if properly structured, estate-tax free as well.

But it also offers clients market potential and tax advantages they can't get from other products. Our investment lineups feature nationally recognized fund managers and more than 80 investment options.
These options include everything from simplified hands-off asset allocation options to more sophisticated specialty sector options. They are not publicly traded mutual funds or available directly for purchase by the general public.
Please keep in mind that the use of asset allocation does not guarantee returns or insulate you from potential losses. In addition, investing involves risk and there is no assurance that the investment objective of any fund will be achieved.
Since Nationwide and its representatives cannot give legal or tax advice, make sure you discuss any specific questions you have with your legal or tax advisor.

Potential benefits of variable universal life insurance

YourLife Protection VUL is typically less expensive than other VUL products we offer. With a number of customizable features, you can adjust YourLife Protection VUL to fit your needs:

And, with YourLife Protection VUL, you can delay a payment when you need extra cash for something else. Our free Automated Death Benefit Protection Monitor will let you know if your policy is ever in danger of lapsing.
While premium flexibility is nice to have, you must have sufficient cash value to cover the minimum cost of insurance and other policy charges. If you want to continue your life insurance coverage, it's usually best to pay the scheduled premiums.

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